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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Mommy's First Diaper Change

Yesterday was a fun day visiting the trips. Sarah had a little surprise for me when I changed her diaper. It was my first shot at it and as soon as I opened the diaper up Sarah started peeing like crazy! Luckily it didn't squirt up at me (like her brothers' might) but I did get a handful- lol. Then I changed Luke and as soon as I got him all cleaned up and his clothes back on, he decided to take a big poop. Thanks son! The babies are all doing better feeding and gaining weight. Sarah now weighs 3lbs. 12oz. Jake and Luke are both 4lbs. 10oz. The nurse says they are more awake and alert during the day. They've come along way in just one week!

I am also progressing day by day but am still taking pain pills to deal with the pain and soreness from the c-section. Also, my blood pressure has still been an issue. I'm headed back to the OBGYN tomorrow to see if they can put together a better plan to regulate it. I'm using a home monitor and have gotten some pretty scary readings. I'll post again after I hear what the doc says. My body is so swollen and the rising BP makes it worse. You know the swelling is bad when your extremely loose undies leave indentations on your body. And my feet look like big sausages. Gross!

Enjoy some new pics of the babies (Sarah, Jake, then Luke) my friend Kelley took. Thanks a million Kell!

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