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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

How I spell S-T-R-E-S-S

This past weekend was a great one (well mostly). Both families came out to the hospital and saw the babies. It was a lot of fun. Kurt and I even got our first "triplet perk" in the form of free rice krispie treats at Fuddruckers. And then Sunday night things fell apart. Kurt started to cough and feel achy all over. Within a few hours he had a full on illness. Monday we went to the doctor and they confirmed he had the flu. Likely even the swine flu. He had a fever of 103 degrees. He is really, really, really sick. We called the hospital to tell them what happened since Kurt had been at the hospital all weekend. As a precaution they moved all 3 babies back down to the 2nd floor NICU and put them in isolation. So far as of Tuesday evening the babies do not have any symptoms of any illness. I am so thankful for this. They can go back up to the 7th floor in 5-7 days if they do not get sick. I also do not have any flu symptoms and am praying it stays that way. Kurt has been banned from the hospital for at least 7 days.

The babies are doing so well, Jake and Luke may be on their way home as soon as this weekend. There's so much to do before they come home and I'm trying to get it all done on my own and still trying to recover from my surgery. I have very little energy and stamina from my weeks on bed rest. I'm exhausted from pumping around the clock. My belly is still tender and sensitive but I can't take pain meds anymore so I can drive. Oh, and joy of all joy, the baby blues decided to land on me this week. I cry in the bed, in the shower, on the phone with friends and family, in the kitchen, watching tv, at the hospital. Basically everywhere. It has not been fun. Thankfully, Kurt's folks came out yesterday and helped us out more than they will ever know. Kurt's Dad went to the grocery store and came back and cooked us lots of "heat and eat" meals we can have this week. He also made a chicken noodle soup from scratch that was amazing! Kurt's Mom worked on our laundry which was a huge help. Those things took a big burden off me and allowed me to get some rest yesterday. Hopefully now Kurt is on the mend and will soon be back to capacity. I need my partner in crime. Especially if our boys are on their way home. Please say an extra prayer for Kurt's recovery.


  1. Thinking of you! Hope Kurt feels better soon. Babies are resilent little boogers though, so hopefully they will stay clear of any illness. Hang in there! Much love and prayers headed your way!

  2. Hope Kurt feels better soon! Let me know if you need anything! I am not too far away and need to head up that way to get Bo's glasses!

  3. I feel so bad you and your DH are having such a hard time this past week. It's great news that the boys will get to come home soon.

    How is Sarah?

  4. Aw!! I just want to give you a HUGE hug!!! Hope Kurt is feeling better soon and that your stamina and perky attitude return to normal soon! It will so wonderful to have the boys home, hope Sarah catches up soon!! Love you!