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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Meet the Trio

The babies did in fact arrive as planned Wednesday evening, January 6, 2010. Sarah was the first out arriving at 5:54pm and weighing in at 3 lbs. 11ozs. Jake was soon to follow at 5:55pm and weighed 4 lbs. 10 ozs. Luke was the stubborn one but finally made his appearance at 5:57pm and weighed 4 lbs. 9 ozs. The c-section went very smooth although Luke was very entangled in his umbilical cord and so the doctors had a hard time getting him out. All the babies were sent up to the NICU and were put on CPAP to give them oxygen and IV fluids for nutrition. Within the first 12 hours all babies were off all oxygen and IV fluids. Since then they have been given formula via a tube in their mouth/nose and from a bottle. The babies were progressing so quickly that they moved them up to the graduated NICU on the 7th floor. Now they are all side by side and loving it! It makes visiting with them so much easier! Yesterday (Friday) was the first day we really got to do a lot with them. Kurt and I took turns with feeding and changing and snuggling with the babies. We even tried letting Luke breastfeed although he was not quite sure what to do with it. Sarah was not interested in her first bottle feeding and ended up sleeping through almost the entire thing. Kurt changed Jake's diaper which made Jake so mad that he reached up and yanked out his own feeding tube. Then he began to sneeze making him even angrier and totally freaking out Kurt and I. The nurse easily put it back in and Jake was fine. But it was a scary moment for the new parents! While the nurses are upstairs working on getting the babies to eat from a bottle, Kurt and I are trying to figure out breast pumping. It's not as easy as it looks but I am now successfully getting some milk at every pumping. It's not a lot but the nurses assure me my vigilant efforts will soon produce more results. I am proud to say Kurt cleans and assembles all the pieces of the pump so I can quickly and easily get down to business. I would be so lost without my partner in crime! Today (Saturday) both sides of the family got to visit with us and the trio in the babies's new rooms. It is so much more private and comfy in the graduated NICU. I am so glad they are there! Kurt and I took turns feeding each baby and they all did great. Nana (Kelly's Mom) even got to feed a baby (Luke) for a few minutes. Later on this evening Kurt and I will head back to the NICU for some more feeding and snuggling of the babies. I can officially say Kurt and I are both is love! These little miracles are so amazing. I am just in awe of how amazing they are! Here are the first few pics we took of the babies- first Luke, then Jake, then Sarah.


  1. Kelly they are perfect! Congratulations Mommy, you have done an outstanding job!
    I even have tears of joy for you and your DH :)
    keep the pics coming. I need to look at babies right now, mine will soon be here!

  2. Oh, Kelly!!! I have been so anxious to hear how everyone is! I could barely read this through the tears...I am so happy that you and the babies and Kurt are doing so well! they are absolutely gorgeous...Post a little of how you feel physically..when will everyone go home? love you, you are amazing!

  3. Congradulations on your blessings. I do want to encourage you about that breast pump (torture chamber). My baby girl was 2.12 at birth and the nurses are right, it takes some time. For me it I took fenugreek and that helped alot. For me I felt closer to grace when I was pumping and she was not there. Congradulations on these precious blessings and I hope they are home soon

  4. Your babies are gorgeous!! Congratulations!!

  5. My sweet little angels. I can't wait to hold them and love on them again.

  6. So proud of you guys!!! Keep up the fight with the breastpump ---it pays off, and will come easier and easier! Love to you ALL!!