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Friday, January 15, 2010

Feeling Better

I went to the OBGYN on Thursday to see what the doc had to say about my BP and symptoms. My BP was actually in a high-normal range (130/90) which is a lot better than the home readings I was getting. I brought my meter to the doctor's office and used it right in front of her. The reading was off the chart. So we have determined the meter is not giving me accurate readings. So it is going back to the store. The doc thinks my symptoms are actually fairly normal and will eventually clear up on their own and that my blood pressure is not that bad. Just to be on the safe side she ordered blood work to make sure all my levels are returning to normal. I made an appointment to see the doc again the week after next. Hopefully by then I'll be much more myself. Today (Friday) I do feel better. I don't have that bad headache and I can actually stare at the computer for more than a few minutes at a time. Progress!

All 3 babies are doing fantastic. Jake is up to taking 4-6 bottles per day. Luke is taking 3-4 per day. Sarah is still taking only 2 but she's working hard to catch up. All the other feedings the babies get are from the tube. It's hard work for them to drink from the bottle. They can actually sleep right through a tube feeding. Each baby must be taking all their feedings from a bottle before they can be released from the hospital. Today I fed both Sarah and Luke bottles of breast milk. It was so great to see them actually enjoying milk I made instead of formula. It is so hard to get up every 3 hours in the middle of the night to pump but it makes it worthwhile to see my babies getting the milk. Tomorrow and Sunday the triplets will have lots of visitors. None of the grandparents have seen them since last weekend. They will be surprised how much they've changed in just one week. They are so much more alert and awake now.


  1. Hi!! Im a new mom of triplets that delivered at Northside last AUgust and found your blog through Ginny, the wonderful L&D midwife!! Congratulations!! I also have 2 boys and a girl and they spent some time in the NICU so I can totally relate to your feelings right now! Though it doesnt seem like it, you'll be home before you know it!!I look forward to following your journey and hopefully sharing stories!!! Good luck!!!

  2. Hi Evan Nicole- I do hope we get to be friends and support for each other!