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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Kelly the Rock Star

Just wanted to pop in with a quick update. All my labs have come back showing an improvement in my platelet count. So there will be no babies today! Today we are 32 weeks and 5+ days along. In just 33 hours we will be at 33 weeks. That seems like a totally doable goal. Then we'll turn our attention to the 34 week goal line. We're in a day by day waiting game to find out when we'll get to meet our little miracles. The doctors and nurses on the HRP floor have nicknamed me "the Rockstar". They say it's for two reasons- first, I have a lot of groupies (visitors) and second, they are amazed at how far we've come and that I am still carrying these babies. I've taken a liking to this nickname. When you struggle with infertility and fear you will never be able to carry a child, being a maternity "rockstar" is quite an honor.


  1. Awesome :) Go rockstar Mommie!

  2. You made me cry! I am so happy that everything is going ok. You are always in my thoughts and prayers!

  3. That is amazing!!!! Hope you are still content...gratitude can sure change us, can't it? Love ya!