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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Day 4 at Hotel Northside

Today was a very busy day! It was Saturday at the hospital- day 4 of my little adventure- and I had lots of company to keep me entertained. Since I've been here, Mom, Dad & Elizabeth, Terry, Janna, Jennifer, Ashley, and of course Kurt have kept me company. Today I was entertained by Mom, Dad & Elizabeth, Memaw, Bob, Tracie, Krista, Keelie, Carla, Janna, Kristy, Amanda, Heather, and of course my dear hubby. It was so awesome! The Duluth gals brought our annual Christmas feast here to the hospital and it sure beat eating hospital food. Carla prepared rotisserie chicken, twice baked potato casserole, green beans, strawberry salad, biscuits, and pumpkin cheesecake with homemade cinnamon whipped cream. Are you hungry yet? Heather Tuggle also brought a little care package to the hospital with magazines, chapstick, and a Christmas tree kit. Heather, you so rock!!! Now I'm here alone at the hospital exhausted from a fun day. The babies are kicking like crazy. My blood pressure has been up and down over the last 24 hours so I am quickly losing hope that I will get released from the hospital before the babies arrive. I've sort of accepted this fact and understand it is for the best. But I am still bummed to miss Christmas with my family. But as long as the babies and I are safe and healthy then I am happy. And it's worth it.


  1. Wow, thats a lot of people visiting lol! glad they are keeping you company.

    Darn BP, that sucks that it won't stay at a normal rate for you :(

  2. You won't miss Christmas. You have a tree and lights in your room so we will bring Christmas to you...and the babies..