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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Back to the doc- 29 weeks

Another week gone by and the babies are still doing great! I went back to the doc today and of course it was raining and nasty outside! But I am leaving the house twice as early as I need to so I stay one step ahead of the rain and the Atlanta traffic. My cervix was the first thing they looked at and it is still very long and closed (3.6cm or 36mm). The doctor was so pleased by this. She says I must have a "bionic" cervix- lol. Then they checked the heartrates and all are perfect- still in the 150's or so. Next they measured the babies and came up with estimated weights. Sarah's estimated weight is 2lbs. 9ozs. Jake's estimated weight is 2 lbs. 14ozs. Luke's estimated weight was also 2lbs. 14ozs. So each of my babies are chugging on toward 3 lbs each which they'll probably reach in a few days! My blood pressure also was great- 120/72. Overall, the doc said the babies and I are doing outstanding. I like being an overachiever- lol! Starting next week (30 weeks) I will start going to the doc every Tuesday. Although it's a pain to drive all the way to Northside, I am glad they are watching me so close. I am having lots of Braxton Hicks contractions and sometimes I'm not sure if they are false labor contractions or real ones we should be worried about. At about 32 weeks or so, the doctor may have me come in twice a week. So for now all is well, we are just waiting. Only 7 weeks to go! My Mom asked me to post a new pic where I am holding my shirt tighter to see the belly better. So here are two pics. One is just regular and one is with me pulling my t-shirt tight over the belly. You can see it is not a perfectly round belly. I think the triplets make it odd shaped since there are 3 different sacs in there. But I still love my gigantic belly. Enjoy!

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