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Sunday, December 13, 2009

A big thanks to Mom & Carla!!

I have to start off by giving a huge thanks to Mom and Carla for coming down to Newnan today. Before today everything for the babies was in complete disarray. There were clothes everywhere and the nursery had lots of boxes and bags scattered around. I was really getting stressed that we wouldn't have things organized by the time the babies got here. Never fear, Mom and Carla were on top of it!. They came to Newnan today and whipped the nursery into shape. Now all our newborn clothes are either hanging in the closet or folded in drawers. The changing table is stocked and organized. And we almost hung stuff on the walls but realized we need another expert to come in for the assist (thanks Sam :). We had a really fun day and I am so thankful to these awesome gals for so much hard work. I love you! Oh, and Mom is now satisfied that we have enough blankets- lol.

On Tuesday I will be 30 weeks pregnant. It feels awesome to be in the 30's instead of the 20's. I will be back at the doc on Tuesday for an ultrasound to check the babies and my cervix. This will not be a growth scan though. I won't have another one of those until 33 weeks. So hopefully everything is still going well. I am having a lot more contractions and cramping but as long as my cervix is still long and closed I can stay out of the hospital. Wish us luck!

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