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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The all Luke "Baby C" show!

Kurt and I are beginning to think we're jinxed when it comes to doctor visits. Today and two weeks ago at our visit, rain and traffic more than doubled our commute. It should not take 2 hours to get anywhere in the city! But we finally made it and it was a great visit! All 3 babies look fantastic and my cervix is still very long (4.4cm) and closed. All good news! My blood pressure was again elevated but the doc didn't seem concerned. Especially since she knows next week I'll be starting light bed rest. Friday is my last day at work until after the babies arrive. Today's visit was a little different though. Luke who is usually my shy child was the outgoing one today. We got several great profile pics and 2 face pics. The face pics are black and white 3-D and make him look like a little alien but I couldn't help but post them. He's our sweet little alien! Lol. All 4 pics are of Luke- none of Jake or Sarah this week. Also, they didn't do growth estimates this week but plan to at our next visit on November 10th. Stay tuned.


  1. He's handsome Kelly! grats on 24 weeks. From here on out every week is a celebration :)

  2. awwww...LUKE---the romantic one :)

  3. Yea for baby Luke! He finally decided to come out and play!!! :)