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Monday, October 12, 2009

Back to the doc- 21 weeks

As is our routine every 2 weeks, we headed back to the doctor this morning. It took us about twice the time to drive there as it usually does because of the massive amounts of rain and traffic in Atlanta. But we finally got there. I love seeing the babies. All 3 babies are doing great! The first pic above is of baby girl A's front. She's looking right at the camera with her "alien" looking face. I think her fists are balled up in front of her. She kept opening and closing her mouth like she was talking to us. She was probably saying "stop poking me"! The 2nd pic is of baby C's profile. He is the most stubborn one and never stays still for a shot. This is the best one we've had so far. The 3rd pic is baby B's profile and he has his hand up to his face as if trying to suck his thumb. So cute! All 3 heart rates are around 150 (perfect) and they are measuring right on track. They estimated the weights at 12 oz. for baby A, 15 oz. for baby B, and 1.0 lbs even for baby C. The doc said baby A is probably a little bigger than the estimate because it was harder to get her measurements. Her brothers are sitting on her and make it tough on the doc to get a good look. They also measured my cervix and it is a whopping 5.0cm! That's great news because it means that any of the pains or contractions I've had are not shortening or opening my cervix. The one thing that was up today was my blood pressure. The doc is not too happy I'm still working full time. She asked that I talk to my boss about getting reduced duties for the next 2-3 weeks and be officially on leave from work by Nov. 1. If they cannot give me reduced duties then she will put together the official paperwork to take me off work sooner. So cross your fingers I can get a modified work schedule for the next few weeks. I'm not ready to go off work but don't want to jeopardize the pregnancy either! So all in all the visit was great!

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