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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Doctor visit- 19 weeks

Monday morning (7:30am to be exact) I went in for my bi-weekly scan. The babies all look fantastic! Each are growing appropriately and the heartrates are great- still in the 150's and 160's. We also got confirmation Baby A is a girl and B & C are both boys. Now let the shopping begin! We still haven't decided on the nursery theme but hope to pick that out by this weekend. The doctor measured my cervix at 4.5cm which is still nice and long and still locked up tight. This is great news. I have not had any contractions or any signs of pre-term labor which is what they check for every visit. With each passing day though I am getting more and more uncomfortable. I am still working full time but the doctors feel I will only be able to do this for another 4-8 weeks. I am hoping to stay as mobile as possible for as long as possible but it is getting so hard to do my job. The pictures they gave me are of babies A and B. Pic 1 is Baby girl's profile. Pic 2 is Baby boy B's profile. Pic 3 is of Baby A's girl parts. I already put the boy part confirmation pics on another post. Somehow they forgot to give me Baby C's pics this visit. But rest assured he is a healthy little wiggle worm. He just doesn't like the camera as much as his brother- lol. Some have complained that the black and white pics are not as clear as the 3-D color ones and they have requested I get some 3-D ones done. Those cost about $150 so if anyone wants to send me gift cards for Baby Dimensions...I'll gladly accept!

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  1. Look at how big those little babies are getting!! I'm so excited for you! You're doing an awesome job keeping them all cozy in there! :)