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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Splish Splash

Ok, before I get into my post, are any other bloggers having trouble with your posts not recognizing your spacing and indentation? Aaarrrggg...I am so frustrated right now! I spend all this time typing out a perfectly good blog post just to go and publish it and realize the publisher has just jumbled everything together in one big heaping mess! So please bear with me as I work through these technical difficulties. [Big Fat Paragraph Space Here In Case Blogspot Does Not Recognize That I Am Starting A New Paragraph Now!]

Today we decided to throw all 3 kiddos in the bath at once. We've been bathing them one at a time in their inflatable duck bath which we graduated to after growing out of the infant tub. Now we are growing out of the duck too so we decided just to use the plain tub. We were nervous as we tried this with the kids at around 9 months with disastrous results! (See October 6, 2010 post) But the kids did great! They were a little apprehensive at first but then just had fun playing with all the toys. Both Kurt and I were so proud. Enjoy the pic of the munchkins enjoying their "big kid" bath time.


  1. I guess they fixed the problem, because it seems to have recognized my spacing.

  2. Are they sitting on a Non slip mat? I don't have one in our bath tub, so we still need to use he chairs. I really gotta get one.

    They are growing soo fast ... toddlers are sooo much fun! MAN they are learning everything right now Eh?