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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Joys of Three

There are too many days to count where I am envious of my girlfriends who just have the one baby. They get time just to focus on their one child. I feel like my hugs, my time, and my attention is always divided by three. Their one child gets it all. While we're busy bathing three, dressing three, feeding three, and changing three diapers, they are reading stories and rocking their babies in their arms. But not today. Today is the day when I get to make others envious because I have three. As I was getting ready for work this morning, Sarah woke up and began crying. I could hear her in her crib on the baby monitor. I thought about going in to get her and bringing her into the bathroom with me as I finished getting ready. But just as I had decided to go get her, I could hear Lucas wake up and begin "talking" with his sister. The two of them were babbling back and forth. Although it was just babbling, here is how my mind decoded the conversation: Lucas: Sarah, what's wrong? Sarah: I had a bad dream Lucas: It's ok sister, it was only a dream. I am here now. Sarah: Thank you, I feel much better After a few minutes of baby talk, the two of them settled down. By the time I left for work, they were back dozing or just quietly playing in their cribs. This actually happens quite a bit. We don't always have to rush into the nursery in the morning as the trio keeps each other company. That means Mommy and Daddy get a little more time to sleep. And to a parent that is priceless!

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