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Friday, April 15, 2011

15 month stats, taking the doctor's advice, and one tired daddy!

There's a lot going on in the Koenig household so this is going to be a post full of all kinds of things- some related and some not. First up, the trio's 15 month stats: Sarah- 22lbs. 10ozs. and 31 inches long Jacob- 24lbs. 8ozs. and 31.5 inches long Lucas- 23lbs. 4ozs. and 31.5 inches long All of these stats are right on track with other 15 months olds. That means if we were measuring them by their full term date (other 13 month olds) they would be well above average. So the doctor is very pleased with their growth. He would like us to work hard on remembering to brush their teeth at least once per day. He also wants us to start teaching them how to scribble with crayons. That's a fun one! Also, he was not happy we were still giving the kids a night bottle. So we promised to cut it out completely and now we are on day 3 of being "bottle free". It hasn't been easy getting the kids into a new routine but we are getting there. My friend Ashlea (who has twins) suggested giving them a sippy cup at night while I read them a story. Which has an added bonus of giving me more time to read to the kids which was a goal of mine anyway. Score! This week was a very busy one for me with work and after-work events. Tuesday I met my high school friends for drinks and dinner at Eclipse de Luna in Buckhead. I always feel bad abandoning Kurt with the kids after work since he's already had them solo all day. But he graciously told me to go so I did. We had a great time. It was so great to catch up with my girls. Then Thursday was my monthly Moms of Multiples club meeting. Again, Kurt urged me to go even though it meant yet another night of solo daddy duty. This time the kids were crazier than usual and I got a text during the meeting saying "HELP!". When I got home this was the scene. It seems all 3 kids wanted to be picked up and cried to be held at the same time. I'm not sure how he did it but this is some expert multi-tasking. Kurt was ready to pull his hair out! We got the kiddos settled down for the night and Kurt took off for some down-time. He is a trooper! This coming weekend is my brother Terry's and his fiance Sara's wedding. This will be a crazy busy weekend but will also be a lot of fun. Congrats! I'm sure we will have lots of pics to post soon.

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