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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Seeing Santa

The trio is just a few weeks shy of their third birthday.  And just the right age to be TERRIFIED of Santa.  I was hoping this would not be the case and they would actually enjoy the experience.  All week we talked about Santa and all three expressed how excited they were.  Sarah planned to ask for a new doll, Jake for trains, and Lucas a candy cane.  They were even still excited while we stood in line.  Then the moment was upon us... Sarah was cool with sitting on Santa's lap.  Lucas clung to the security of Mrs. Clause instead.  Jake wanted no part of any of it.  Thankfully after a few minutes and some bribing with jingle bells he came around.  He still wouldn't sit on Santa's lap but he would sit on the bench by him.  The pictures were pretty fun.  I almost like the "crying" one best.  lol

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