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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Some Belated Turkey Talk

The week of Thanksgiving was a blur.  Now here we are 2 weeks later and I'm still not sure what day it is.  Between the holiday, battling colds, and studying for a big exam (which I passed) there just wasn't a lot of time for blogging.  So this will be short and sweet.  We had most of the family (on both sides) over to our house for a delicious meal.  There were 20 of us including kids and thankfully our new bigger house could accommodate the extra guests.  We would never have been able to do that in our old house.  I was apprehensive that everyone would get along and enjoy the day but that's exactly what happened.  Overall, it could not have gone any better.  And for that, I am beyond thankful!

Nana snuggling baby Eli
One of the three tables we set up
Centerpieces the kids made at school
All the side-dishes.  Yummy!
Sarah in her Tom Turkey dress

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