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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Jacob William

Dear Jakers,
My little chunky monkey man.  The moment you took your first breath you let out a big wail and I cried because I knew you were ok.  When we met the first time in the NICU you were agitated with your feeding tube and yanked it out and let the nurses know you were not happy.  I should have known at that moment that everything must be just the way "Jake" likes it.  You are very particular and are a happy boy as long as things are just the way you want.  You do everything in your own time and not one second before.

The first time I ever saw you in the NICU

Your smile can light up a whole room.  Your laugh is adorable.  I call you my little marshmallow because you love to cuddle and snuggle.  You are so squeezable!  You are so handsome and you look just like your Daddy.  You have so many mannerisms like your Dad too.  That must be why I love you so much.

I'm so proud of the way you've taken to potty-training.  You are often slow to start a new task, but when you do it you "ace" it.  You can name every color in the crayon box.  You can count to fifteen.  You recognize your shapes.  Every day I find out something else that you know.  You are constantly amazing me.

I am so lucky to have you in my life.  You and your siblings are a dream come true.  I can't wait to watch you grow and develop.  I love you buddy!


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