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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Little Hoarder

They all start somewhere.  And Lucas has a pretty good start.  Lucas has been hoarding toys and small items since he could crawl.  He has one particular spot where he likes to store his treasures and thankfully I know where that is.  It's in the space between the love seat and the end table.  From time to time I clean it out of clutter but it had obviously been awhile.  I only noticed it yesterday because I dropped the TV remote in that little cubby and had to crouch down to fish it out.  When I emptied Luke's cubby of items I found a bag of Sarah's lost hair bows, a missing necklace, 2 drink coasters, a block, a plastic toy frog, a teething ring, 2 sticky notes, and tags off one of the kids' brand new clothes.  I'm not exactly sure what he planned on doing with those items, but we may have a little MacGyver on our hands! Haha. 

The Evidence

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