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Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween 2011

 Well another Halloween is behind us.  And that means I am another year older.  This year the focus was more on the kids and Halloween than on me adding a one to my thirty.  For my 30th we had a big blowout party.  This year we just had a small party with family over the weekend.  Tonight we took the kids over to our good friend Carolyn's house for a little "pre" trick-or-treat party.  The kids posed for some pics and ate some yummy food.  Then we headed back to our own house to hand out candy.  The kids (monkeys) had a ball handing out candy from their "cage" as us zookeepers wrangled them.  They waved, talked to, and gave a high 5 to every kid who came up.  By bedtime they were all 3 having a sugar crash and were out before I finished their bedtime story.  Pics are below. 

Handing out candy from her monkey cage
Luke with his mini pumpkin
Head zookeeper with her favorite girl monkey
Head zookeepers wrangling the tribe

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