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Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Boys are Catching Up!

For months Sarah has been the chatterbox of the group.  But the boys are making quite a bit of progress.  Lucas in particular likes to say phrases like "have bite" (I would like a bite of what you're eating), "all gone" (obvious), and "touchdown" (The Dawgs are the best team in college football). 

Jacob has said "thank you" to us more than once and is getting good at asking for juice also.  Jacob is also the best "sippy cup hunter".  When we ask him to round up all the drink cups he can usually find them all...even under couches, in laundry baskets, in toy boxes, and more.   Oh and Jacob is also in love with his Tow-Mater matchbox car. He must have it for every nap and at bedtime.

Sarah said her name the other day and I scooped her up and gave her the biggest hug.  I was so proud!  The littlest things make a mom the proudest! 

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