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Sunday, September 11, 2011

On the road again...

Sometimes I think we are really brave.  Or maybe just really dumb.  But we decided to take the trio on a trip to the Tennessee mountains.  Overall the trip was a lot of fun and I'm glad we went.  But the trip home was pretty rocky.  The trio was well off their schedule and in our world that equates to total toddler meltdown. 

Day 1: We left Newnan on Saturday morning.  The trip took longer than planned because of Labor Day Weekend traffic and slow service at Cracker Barrel.  But we finally made in to Sevierville (next to Pigeon Forge & Gatlinburg) and checked into our condo.  The 3 bedroom condo was beautiful.  It was great for Kurt & I to have our own room separate from the triplets.  We didn't do a whole lot just unpacked and lounged around the condo.

Day 2: After breakfast we took off for Parrot Mountain.  They had lots of cool birds.  We knew we would have to do this one early as the rain was expected to move in that evening.  And it sure did, right on schedule!  The kids were a little shy around the birds but I could tell they enjoyed it.
Sarah wants to be sure that bird stays put

Jake is cool with the birds
Day 3: Since it was raining pretty heavily we took off for the Titanic museum.  The outside of the museum was a replica of the Titanic ship.  Inside all the staff was dressed as crew from the actual boat.  They gave us a boarding pass when we arrived detailing the history of one of the real-life passengers.  At the end of the tour, you got to find out if you character survived or not.  I was a woman traveling in first class so I was pretty sure I survived.  And I did!  They also had an exact replica of the famous ornate staircase.  Later that night we attended the Dixie Stampede which is a dinner show.  I was a little worried the kids would not have the patience to sit through the whole show but they did and loved it! 

Jake couldn't take his eyes of the show
Sarah liked clapping and dancing with the songs
Day 4: After breakfast this day we took the kids swimming.  It finally stopped raining and we could go outside.  Sarah loved it immediately.  The boys had to warm up to it some.  But by the end no one wanted to leave.  That night, Kurt and I got to have a little date night out on the town.  I dragged him to the movie "The Help" and then we went to The Melting Pot in Gatlinburg.  My favorite.  After dinner we walked around Gatlinburg for a bit before heading back to our condo. 

Jake just splashing away
Daddy giving Sarah some sugar
My serious Lucas
Day 5: We packed our bags and checked out of the condo by 10am.  We stopped off at Flapjacks for breakfast before hitting the trail.  The kids did good for a majority of the ride but toward the end they just couldn't handle it anymore.  When we got home we fed them dinner, bathed them, and put them straight to bed much earlier than we usually do.  They needed it! 

Overall, I am glad we went.  We had lots of fun experiences.  But traveling with 3 toddlers is no easy task.  We probably won't travel with them again until our annual beach trip in May.  By then they will be nearly 2 1/2.  I'm not sure if the tantrums will be better or worse.  We shall see!

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