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Monday, July 11, 2011

Rockin' the Reunion

My grandmother, along with her sister and brother, put together a family reunion cookout that was held this past weekend- July 9th.  They've been talking about wanting to do it for years, but this year they finally made it happen.  So we loaded up the kids in the minivan and headed about 2 hours north & west to Rockmart.  Before my Great Grandparents died, we made several of these trips each year.  But since they've been gone (about the last 10 years) we've only been a handful of times.  I really want to get in the habit of making these trips more often.  I have so many memories of time spent out in the "country" and I want that for my kiddos too.  Nothing will replace Maw Maw Owen's grilled cheese sandwiches, playing Uno cards for hours at a time, or climbing the big tree out back, but there are still good times to be had. 

Yvonne & Edwin hosted the cookout at their house and we had a great time!  The only downside was the kids were so tired from all the fun and almost no nap at all, that they just screamed their heads off when we got home.  We put them to bed early and they slept from 7pm to 9am the next morning.  We learned our lesson... our kids MUST have at least 1 good nap to survive the day.  They were miserable!  But it was worth the trip to see everyone, especially all the kids that have been born since we were last there. 
Mom & I  Pool Buddies
The boys with their favorite aunties!
Sarah with cousin Krista
Luke is a cool dude

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