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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Bo Duke Style

We've had the cozy coupe a week or two now and the kids still love it!  But Lucas by far has the biggest love affair with the coupe.  He thinks it is "his" car only and doesn't hesitate to pull one of his siblings out if he wants a turn.  (Trying to teach and discipline three 18-month old toddlers is a story all on its own.  But we'll save that for another day.) But the funniest thing about Luke is that he refuses to use the car door to get in and out of the coupe.  He only wants to go through the window "Bo Duke" style.  He knows how to use the door.  He gets how it works.  He's sees Jake and Sarah using it.  But he only climbs in through the window.  NASCAR in his future???  We shall see. 

Bo Duke and Lucas Koenig...kindred spirits???


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