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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Catching Up

This week has been a week to "catch up" with things. Because of the snow storm and then the violent sickness that plagued our house, we're a little behind. So this week we've tackled the piles of laundry, the dishes, the vacuuming, and more. And in the spirit of catching everything up, I thought it fitting to catch everyone up on the kids "one year" stats. We actually went to the doc on January 7th so these stats are a few weeks old, but I think everyone will give us some slack! lol

Overall, Dr. Roberts was very pleased with the triplets' statuses. The children are right on track with others their age. That was a relief to hear, because I feel like they aren't standing, cruising, and walking like other children. Another thing that eased my fears (outside of the pediatrician visit) is seeing a friend of ours whose child is 13.5 months old. She is not walking yet either and she was a singleton born full term. The doctor told us the age range for children to walk is so varied. They can really start anytime between 9 and 18 months of age. I sure hope I'm not still carrying my little giants around at 18 months! The doctor was pleased that they are babbling a lot and even saying words like "mama", "dada", "hi" and "bye". They all wave and all clap (with a little help to get them started). And their food eating ability has increased remarkably. They can now eat little pieces of meat, cheese, fruit, vegetables (when they want to), cookies, cheerios, puffs, and more. The main thing for us to work on is transitioning them from a bottle to a sippy cup. That's gonna be the hard one. They sure love their bottles! The best news of all is that we can finally phase out formula and start the kids on whole milk. Formula is roughly $16 per gallon. Milk is like $2 per gallon. It's like getting a pay raise! The doctor also wants us to start brushing their teeth. Yes, all 3 have "teeth" now, not just "tooth" anymore. Sarah has 2 lower teeth and 1 upper tooth. Jake still has just 2 lower teeth. Luke has 1 upper tooth and 1 lower tooth. They proudly showed them off to the doc! Here are their height/weight stats:

Sarah: 28.5 inches long (32nd percentile) and 21lbs 11ozs (60th percentile)

Jacob: 29.5 inches long (42nd percentile) and 23lbs 6ozs (60th percentile)
Lucas: 29.5 inches long (42nd percentile) and 21lbs 13ozs (35th percentile)

Well, now we're all caught up. Here are the official 12 month photos we took of the triplets. we'll probably keep doing the monthly photo for another 6 months. It has been fun to see how they change month to month. We hope you've enjoyed it too!


  1. I have to say I am very impressed with how healthy and happy they all look (great weight, height, etc). I had always heard that early births were "behind" the "norm" based on their gestational age (as you've also said). Not that I'm a doctor or anything, but coming from another mom, please don't worry about that stuff! They will get it when they get it (especially since they are so healthy and well developed). And I'm only saying that because I wish I hadn't worried so much about Annabelle. My niece (single, full-term birth) did not walk until she was 17 months old (I believe a few days before she was 18 months old)! Annabelle and her are 7 months apart (Annabelle is younger), and Annabelle actually started walking before her. But, my niece is just as healthy and smart as can be. And as for Annabelle, I was SO worried about her speech impediments, but she finally got it, and now she won't shut up (which I'm thankful for...on most days...:)). Your babies are beautiful and very healthy weights and heights. Just enjoy snuggling them while you can because the indepedence really begins to set in when they start walking.

  2. I couldn't have said it better myself! Thanks for the words of advice/encouragement! I'll try not to be such a worry wart- lol.