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Friday, January 14, 2011

Blizzard of 2011, Cabin Fever, & a Stomach Bug

Ugggg...what a week!

Ok, I'll admit it. Last weekend, when I heard there was snow on the way, I got a little excited. I constantly checked and re-checked the forecast to make sure the white stuff was really headed our way. And yes it did deliver as promised (or more). But now, on the 6th day of this adventure, I just want all the snow and ice to go away! The city has been absolutely paralyzed by one of the worst winter weather disasters I can remember. In the 8 1/2 years I've been at my job, we have never been closed due to inclement weather. In fact, I think this is the worst it's been since the blizzard of '93. The worst part is that it won't leave! In Georgia, we're used to a few flurries and some ice. Everyone rushes out to build a snowman and then before we know it the snow is gone. But the temps the last few days have barely been in the 30's so we're just not seeing a lot of "quality melting" or so says the weatherman on channel 2.

After a few days of being snowed in, I just had to get out of the house. So I braved the ice and went to pick up sushi at the place near our house. Kurt and I had a delicious lunch. Later that evening, Kurt started to complain that his stomach hurt. I didn't think much of it until Kurt started puking his guts out! At first, I thought he'd gotten some bad sushi. Then Sarah started throwing up. Suddenly I knew what was happening...the evil stomach virus had invaded our house. So the next 24 hours were spent caring for Kurt, Sarah, Luke, and Jake who all had the stomach bug. I felt some effects of it but not enough to keep me down. One solid nap (and a few hundred trips to the bathroom) and I was ready to go. Super Mom! lol

Today is Friday and things are again calm in the Koenig house (we think). We're praying for a nice quiet weekend as we sanitize and disinfect every square inch of our house. I have taken the liberty of packing the bags of our unwelcome houseguests "blizzard" and "stomach virus" and will be showing them the door. Hit the road Jack!


  1. Oh no! That is awful! Bless your heart! I think the stomach bug is worse than any sickness, so I definitely cannot imagine caring for three sick babies and a husband with the stomach flu. I hope you don't catch it (any more than you already did).

  2. Oh my goodness!! I hate cleaning up after one puking child, much less three!!! I'm glad you guys are finally able to get out of your house...I know the feeling of wanting that "white stuff" gone!!! I think I say that every year!! :)