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Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Last Tuesday the triplets went to the doctor for their slightly belated 6 month check up. The doctor was very pleased with their growth and development. Here are their stats:

Sarah: weight is 17lbs 2ozs (54th percentile) and height is 25.5 inches (21st percentile)
Jake: weight is 19lbs 9ozs (68th percentile) and height is 26.5 inches (30th percentile)
Luke: weight is 17lbs 11ozs (35th percentile) and height is 26.5 inches (30th percentile)

As always, those heights and weights are compared with other babies their same age that were born at full term. So as you can see they are right on track even though they were born 7 weeks early!

The doctor advised us that we can move on to stage 2 baby food. So now their diet consists of 4 bottles per day of breastmilk/formula with one serving of rice cereal and one serving of baby food. Soon we will be introducing a 3rd feeding of baby food.

Sarah is doing lots of fun things now. She rolls over, plays on her tummy, grabs for toys, puts everything in her mouth, recognizes voices, stands straight as long as someone balances her, babbles and squeals at everything, and splashes in the tub.

Jake is also doing a lot. He was a little slow to roll over but now he does it easily. He is the most talkative and the closest to saying real words. He also grabs for toys, puts everything in his mouth, and recognizes voices. Jake is not yet standing but I'm sure he will be soon.

Luke is the most active physically. He rolls all over the place and can scoot himself over to things he wants. While Sarah and Jake sleep in exactly the same place you put them, we never know what to expect with Luke. He is all over his crib- rolls on his front, rolls on his back, and to either end of the crib. He loves to play on his tummy and often does the "superman" pose on his belly where he looks like he's flying. He also grabs for toys, puts everything in his mouth, recognizes voices, and stands up straight as long as you balance him. Luke is not as vocal as the other two but he does make his wants known.

All three babies can prop up on their arms and sit up for a minute or so but it is not full sitting up just yet. No teeth have shown up yet but all 3 appear to be feeling discomfort from teething. And of course they are little drool factories! Luke has started to spit up his milk occasionally. Some friends of mine suggested it's probably from all the excess drool he's swallowing. I sure hope so!

So that catches everyone up. More pics soon!

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