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Monday, July 26, 2010

Welcome to the Club Meredith

What club is that, you ask? Well the mommy club of course. Yesterday (Sunday) my good friend Meredith delivered a 5lb. 10oz. healthy baby boy. They named him William. And with that our mommy club's membership grows by one. William arrived a few weeks early but luckily just a week ago we celebrated his impending arrival with a baby shower. I was encouraged to bring the triplets to the shower as all the other Deephers would have their babies in tow. In theory this sounded like a good idea but in actuality it just meant total chaos for me. I must be crazy to think I can leave the house alone with all 3! I barely got to sample any of the snacks at the shower and have no idea what gifts Meredith received. I was too busy juggling my brood. But it was fun to introduce the triplets to all the gals and babies they've never met. I finally got to meet Meej's baby Jacob who was born around the same time as the triplets. The first picture is the somewhat organized group of D Phi E sisters and our babies.

The 2nd picture is all the sisters with the kids who were less than patient with our picture taking.

And finally, a great moment with Meej holding my Jacob and I holding her Jacob. Although it was chaotic. It was a fun day!

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