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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Caution...Changes Ahead!

The only certain thing in life is change, right?

Well, we've had our fair share over the last two weeks.  First, we decided to start potty training Sarah.  Since we have zero experience with training we decided to just try Sarah instead of all three.  The first few days were rough.  Despite all the pre-training work we did to get her ready it was still a big change.  She had 11 accidents before she finally used the potty in the toilet.  But after a week and a half she's doing so well with almost no accidents.  I sure hope we can get the boys trained in a week too!  Fingers crossed!

Sarah being a big girl

We also decided it was the right time to separate the triplets into their own bedrooms.  I was so nervous about how this would go.  They've been together since the day they came home from the hospital.  We gave each of the kids 2 new toys to get them excited about their "new" room.  There were a lot of tears the first night but by the next day that had already acclimated.  I was so amazed with how easily they took to it!  These kids never cease to amaze me!

Then last Tuesday my first little nephew Eli Patrick was born.  He was less than an ounce shy of 8 pounds and 22 inches long...tall and skinny just like his daddy!  I can't wait until I can visit little Eli again.  He's so precious.

Auntie Kelly holding Eli

Sweet sleeping boy

On Monday the kiddos start 2 day/week pre-school.  That too will be a big change.  Stay tuned...

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