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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Tuck

The coolest thing I've noticed lately about the triplets is that they are starting to really understand questions we ask or commands we give them.  Not that they OBEY said commands but they understand.  I can tell them to "bring me..." or "go show your daddy..." and they know what I want.  For the past month or two we ask Sarah at night if she "wants to be tucked in".  She likes to be tucked in so she lays down in her crib and waits to be covered up.  We also tuck her fox or bunny in right beside her.  The boys haven't really shown much interest in this until a few days ago.  Now they too want to be "tucked in".  It is the sweetest thing.  Although usually they bounce right up in their cribs and the "tuck" doesn't last.  But for that brief moment, they are our little snuggle bugs. 

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