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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Our little chatterbox

I've always heard that girls begin talking earlier than boys.  And nobody proves it better than our little Sarah.  Her brothers say a few things here and there and babble quite a bit but Sarah is that star student.  She tries to say EVERYTHING we say, whether it's good or not.  I've decided to use the blog to make a list of things she says.  It really is quite precious to hear her words. 

Things Sarah says:

MaMa, DaDa, Mommy, Nana, Nanny, hi, bye, no, yeah/yes, up, yummy yummy (nummy nummy), belly, baby, nose, eyes, bear, kitty, doggy, Lady, Thank you (tank ooo), banana (a-nana), apple (appa), ball, shoes, uh-oh, oh-no, sit, good girl, & good boy.

I'm sure there are more but that is all my tired brain can recall at the moment.  I love to hear my little chatty cathy!

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  1. That is awesome! I' working so hard on the twins to start words. Chris is my hummer, he will hu the sound to thank you.. or night night or even bye bye.. but i just can't get him to open his little mouth and use his tongue. lol

    Abbygirl is just saying her sisters name Anna "aaana" ... and Dadda

    Love the updates about the Trips!