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Saturday, December 11, 2010

150 posts later... and Santa comes to town!

I just happened to look at the post counter the other day and realize I was approaching 150 blog posts. And now this one is it! We've come a long way from positive pregnancy tests to having 3 healthy, happy 11 month olds. I decided to read back through some of the older posts sort of like a trip down memory lane. It's neat to be reminded of all the fun we've had. Speaking of fun, today was a blast. We started the day by going to a MOMs (Mothers of Multiples) outing. The event was at a pottery painting place in downtown Newnan called Artrageous Potter. Since the trips are a little too young for painting pottery, we instead put their handprints on tiles. In addition to painting, the triplets also got to see Santa for the first time. They actually all 3 loved him! Sarah even tugged at his beard! Later in the day we took the kids to a few store to finish off the rest of our Christmas shopping. They liked being around all the lights and Christmas decor. Of course, as usual we attracted a lot of attention. That big long 6 foot stroller does it every time!


  1. They look great!! How wonderful that they all loved Santa!
    So what did you think of the MOM group? We have one here in town and I keep waffling back and forth on whether or not to join. It's simply a small annual fee to join, but I'm more wondering if it's worth it for the monthly meetings as well as the friendships/advice/etc. Any insight?

  2. I cannot say enough about my MOMs club. They helped me so much during my pregnancy even visiting me at the hospital. They brought food after the babies were born and one fellow triplet mommy cleaned my house! They are a fantastic outlet for info, questions, venting frustrations, ideas, and more. I love my group!