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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Jake- now and then

I just wanted to put in a quick post commenting on how much all three of the babies have grown. On Tuesday they will be 6 months old and they have come a long way from being my teeny little preemies. I think the most obvious change is in Jake. Born at 4lbs 10ozs and now at 6 months he's at least 18lbs. (or maybe more!). Here is a side by side comparison of Jake at 2 weeks 3 days old and at 5 months old. And yes, this is the same swing in both pictures!


  1. He has grown SO much! He was very cute then and is absolutely adorable now! I love his chunky little legs! =)

  2. Kelly,

    He is so beautiful! I hope I get to meet them before they leave for college.

  3. It is crazy how fast they grow. You hear people say it all the time. but when it's your own children It just about knocks ya off your feet the difference between "now and then"

    My Twins were both 4lbs 9oz and 17" long, My boy at 4 months is now 15 lbs and baby girl is now 11 lbs both over 20" long. I think of that and just can't understand how fast they can get that big. but then 18 years ago, on a beautiful city in Tenn. I gave birth to a baby girl, that was 5lbs 5oz and she is now 145lbs and 18 this Nov. where does the time go, and why do I feel like I have missed so much?

    Happy 4th of July!! :)

  4. Wow, what a big boy he is! I'm so happy for you and Jake.