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Monday, June 14, 2010

Babies First Slumber Party

For the first time since we brought them home from the hospital, the triplets stayed overnight away from both Kurt and I. They stayed with their Grandma and Grandpa Trenary. We knew they were in excellent hands but we were still uneasy since it was the first time. Kurt and I took off to a wedding in Dahlonega. The wedding was great and it was nice to have an evening out with our friends. When we picked the kids up on Sunday morning, Grandma and Grandpa seemed worn out. They got some first hand knowledge of how hard it is for two people to juggle three babies. You don't have to tell us!

Sunday evening we finally had a chance to weigh the babies. Now our scale may not be perfect but it's pretty close. All 3 babies had "round" weights- Sarah at 15lbs 0zs, Jake at 18lbs 0ozs, and Luke at 16lbs 0ozs. The babies are meeting their milestones nicely. Sarah and Luke are both very close to rolling over. I'm sure Jake will be doing it soon too. The babies appear to be more aware of each other often turning toward each other when they are in their swings. The babies love their cereal and their veggies. So far we have introduced carrots, squash, and sweet potatoes. This week we are starting on fruits. We're seeing a lot more drool from the babies and they are putting everything to their mouths. I wonder if their gums/teeth are starting to get sore? They still don't much care for the pacifier though. All 3 babies love when we make "motor boat" noises. They smile so big and even squeal with laughter. Jake has also started making a noise that sounds pretty close to "uh-oh" when you say it to him first. All three of our babies are such a joy! And are growing fast right before our eyes!

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