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Monday, April 5, 2010

Visit to the Doc

Friday the babies had their 2 month (we're a little behind) checkup. The doctor was very pleased with their progress. Here are the babies' stats:

Sarah: weight is 10lbs 15ozs, height is 21 inches, head circumference is 38.5cm

Jake: weight is 13lbs 8ozs, height is 22 inches, head circumference is 39cm

Luke: weight is 11lbs 8ozs, height is 21.5 inches, head circumference is 39cm

Each of the babies is right on par in weight and head circumference with other 12 1/2 week old babies. Since their "adjusted" age is only 5 1/2 weeks because they were born 7 weeks premature, they are literally "off the charts" good for their adjusted age. The one area they are behind in is height. They are on track with 5 1/2 week old babies but not 12 1/2 week old babies. But that's ok. The doctor said that will come in time. It's easy to put weight on a baby but not height. They are on track with things like head control, tracking, etc. And we get to stop the Neosure (preemie) formula and switch to regular formula. And I plan to keep the breastfeeding going too. At least until they are 6 months old. The babies did have to get immunizations though. Uggg...I hate that! But they did great. The doctor plans to see them again for their 4 month checkup. At that time we can start adding rice cereal and stage 1 baby food to their diets. My babies are growing up! We took a photo of Jake and Luke at the doc. Enjoy!

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