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Monday, April 19, 2010

Goodbye baby scale :(

The babies got their last round of Synagis vaccine today which meant they took away my baby scale. Sad. No more weighing the babies whenever I want. The amount of vaccine given to each baby varies based on the baby's weight. So before every injection I had to weigh the babies and let the nurse know the result. They loaned us a baby scale so we could weigh them at home. But since their last injection was today they took the scale back. We weighed them last night just to get one last measurement. Sarah is still the smallest at 12lbs. 0ozs. Luke is next at 12lbs. 10ozs. Jake is still my chunky monkey at 14lbs. 8ozs. They've come a long way from my little 3 & 4 pound preemies.


  1. Woohoo - no more Synagis! I understand how you feel about losing the scale, but no more injections for now is awesome!!

  2. I am so glad my babies don't have to get those shots anymore. I am sure it has helped them during cold and flu season. They are getting so big now.