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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

This weekend was definitely one worth blogging about. It kicked off Friday with at least 3 inches of snow. It snowed pretty much non-stop from 1pm through the night. Of course being a native Georgian, this excites me because we don't get a lot of snow. It was just so beautiful! Unfortunately, the snow was gone as quick as it came. Enjoy the pics of our winter wonderland.

Saturday we drove to Duluth and dropped the babies off at Grandma and Grandpa Trenary's house. They kept the babies while Kurt and I went out to a Valentine's dinner at The Melting Pot. We had a special 5-course meal that included garlic and herb cheddar cheese fondue, strawberry & walnut salad, strawberry sorbet, and white chocolate strawberry fondue for dessert. The main course included lobster tail, filet mignon, ahi tuna, shrimp, parmesan-crusted chicken, and pork tenderloin. So yummy! After dinner we continued our date night at Dave & Busters. As usual, Kurt dominated the racing games and I dominated basketball. We earned over 1000 tickets but decided to bank them as we couldn't find anything big we wanted to spend them on. It was great to have a night out to ourselves but we did miss our little munchkins. Enjoy the pic below of Kurt with his 2 girls- Sarah and our dog Lady. Precious!

On Sunday we just relaxed around the house. My Mom, my brother, Sara and Kurt's folks came to visit. Kurt's mom is spending the week with us to help care for and spend time with the babies. Elizabeth is back at work this week but she's coming back next week to give us more help. I only have a few more weeks until I'm back at work. It's hard to believe when I go back I will have been out for 4 months. That's a third of a year! I have been away so long I am looking forward to returning. But it will be a big adjustment being away from the babies. Good thing Kurt is ready to start his leave from work.

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  1. I loved the snow! I heard we are suppose to get more tonight! Keeping my fingers crossed! Anna broke Bo's glasses (again), so we will be heading up there soon if you still want those clothes!