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Friday, January 10, 2014

Well it's not going to be me!!!

If there's one thing I have been pretty good at this year it is eating humble pie!  I keep making bold declarations and then promptly end up eating my own words.  When most people would hear I had a blog to keep track of our busy life as a family of five they would tell me there's no way to keep it up forever.  And for three years I proved them wrong.  Week after week I posted every detail of our lives complete with pictures and the occasional video.  Sometime around their 3rd birthday I just lost it.  I just couldn't seem to find the time to fit blogging in.  Kurt went back to work and suddenly the few precious moments of free time we had to ourselves in the evenings disappeared like the setting sun in the sky.

But there's a big part of me that wants this outlet.  Correct that...needs this outlet.  So I'm going to try and start again.  First, I'll just post a couple of my favorite pics from 2013.  Then from here on out we'll start fresh.

Family photo in front of where we got married

My favorite picture of the year

Best friends forever

2013 School Picture

Christmas 2013

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