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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Busy December

We have been busy, busy here in Newnan since Thanksgiving!  Everyone keeps asking if we've finished our Christmas shopping yet.  I wish!  I try to get that tackled as early as possible but there always seem to be a few gifts that get put off until the last minute. 

A week or so ago we decided to take the kiddos out for dinner at Red Lobster.  We used both a coupon and a gift card so our meal only cost us $7.  Woohoo!  While we waited for a table, the manager came over and asked the kids if they wanted to see a lobster up-close.  They were not too sure about this but they were fascinated by the bubbling tank.  Lucas especially was one part intrigued and two parts terrified!

The manager shows the trio a live lobster
Lucas is 1 part intrigued & 2 parts terrified!

Last Saturday we had an outing with our Moms of Multiples Club at an art studio in Peachtree City.  The kids stamped brown hand prints on t-shirts to make reindeer antlers and we filled in the rest of the face.  Sarah and Lucas both socialized with the other kids but that was a little too much out of Jake's "comfort zone" so he hung out near Kurt and I.  It's always fun to do things with other families of multiples.  The kids each got to eat a "reindeer" cookie and I think that was the hit of the day!

Lucas checks out the hand stamping station

Once the hand prints are done Kurt paints the reindeer faces

Enjoying the reindeer cookies

Sarah makes friends with JoAnna's girls

I think Jake is wearing most of his cookie!

On Sunday we ventured out to Lowe's to get a Christmas tree.  Like last year, we opted for a smaller 3 foot tree again.  We just don't have the room in our cramped den for a big tree.  Maybe by next year we will have some extra space and we can go back to getting a big tree.  We took the wagon with us so the kids wouldn't get lost wandering around the store.  As usual, it attracted a lot of attention!  We found just the right tree and it even came with its own stand.  Bonus!

Chugging along around Lowe's

Looking for the perfect tree

After getting a tree we decided to go to Hooters to watch some football and eat chicken wings.  It's a good place to go with the kids because it's always loud and no one notices if the kids are acting up.  The kids enjoyed their chicken fingers and tater tots.  Lucas kept flirting with all the waitresses and attracted a lot of attention.  He would clap for them and say "touchdown".  He also gave them "high 5's" and the biggest smiles I've ever seen.  When it was time to go, Lucas kept trying to break away from us and run back to the waitresses.  He pitched a fit in the lobby and we had to drag him out kicking and screaming which is very unlike him.  We better keep an eye on that boy...he's going to be quite the ladies man! hahahaha. 

Yummy...tater tots!

Lucas liked the food but liked the waitresses more!

Sarah is happy as long as there is ketchup for her to dip in!

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